E6 Golf Simulation Software

E6 Golf simulation software is now better than ever

For nearly 30 years our team of artists and programmers has been the industry leader in golf simulator software. The team behind Links™, one of the highest-selling and most awarded PC sports titles of all time, is the team that created E6Golf. From PC games to golf simulation software, E6Golf is the engine that drives reality.

E6Golf simulator software is known for its realism, beauty, and a world-class golf course list that includes 30 of Golf Digest’s and Golfweek’s “Greatest Courses,” including St. Andrews, Pebble Beach® Resort, Oakmont, Royal Melbourne, PGA National, Bandon and Pacific Dunes. Using Cloud technology, TruGolf provides consumers and commercial facilities with more frequent and more efficient software and content updates.

E6Golf has the largest selection of world-class golf courses, with four new courses made available every year. Each one of our virtual courses is a precise replica of its physical counterpart, and is unmatched by any competition.

E6Golf 1.6 Simulation Improvements

We’ve taken the best golf simulation software and made it even better. E6Golf 1.6 includes updates to the lighting modules, terrain textures, and physics, making golf simulation more realistic than ever before. We strive to continually enhance the look and feel of our software. E6Golf software is feature rich, and includes everything you need to improve your swing and lower your scores.

For further information visit www.trugolf.com/e6

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