The Foundation of Your Golf Studio

Infrastructure is the foundation that supports all the software and hardware within your studio solution and is fundamental to efficient and reliable performance. In detail this covers all computers, cabling and the interface between Core Technologies, Visual Display and Imaging / Capture. Specific consideration is given to, security, cable management and the creation of clean professional environment.


  • Cable management
  • Environmental protection of sensitive equipment
  • Sufficient resources to effectively run all systems for the next three years
  • Future proofing for possible upgrades
  • Support of your business’ critical systems
  • Reliability


TECH:EX Feature Performance Benefit
Performance workstations from Dell  Powerful and premium performance for intensive applications.
SSD hard drives Maximisation of HD camera performance.
Eyefinity 6 port graphics Versatile 6 monitor display configurations.
Full pre-system configuration Fully tested, reduced installation time.
Worldwide 3 year next day business  onsite support* Should the system develop a fault, Dell’s NBD Service can place  a service technician at the customer’s location for the duration  of the service period*, provide a parts and labour service.
Uspace Midi server cabinet Compact, secure vented storage.
Cable looms Tidy and efficient cable management system.