Enhance The Visual Look of Your Studio

The technology in you studio is critical to its functional performance but the visual look of the design has equally, if not more important when creating impact for your customers. Interior detail is all too often overlooked, it should not be an afterthought but instead be an integral part of the design and build process. Our experience of working with many different customers has given us great insight into what works well. Through our partners we can supply signage, full wall murals and detailed logo branding in the floor carpet


  • Maximising technology performance whilst creating atmosphere
  • Building awareness for your brand


TECH:EX Feature Performance Benefit
Wall colour A good wall colour choice to maximises the camera image quality, combine contrasting feature colours to create a welcoming atmosphere for customers.
Ambient Lighting In contrast to our video lighting atmosphere can be created through the use of down lights and concealed recess lights.
CAD Logo Carpets Hi impact visual presence of your corporate branding which creates a high quality image of your facility.
Wall Murals A full wall image of a famous golf hole, or player can be a source of great inspiration to customers.