Visual And Functional

Netting within a studio has a critical function, to safely contain the golf ball which travels at ball speeds up to 150mph, all too often visual look is compromised at the expense of function. Our TECH:EX performance net systems place safety as a priority but importantly combine this with an innovative wire frame system which delivers a clean and tidy feel which forms an integral part of the studio design. Our designs incorporate baffle projections screens.


  • Size
  • Whether an indoor and outdoor combination is required
  • Construction of the room to ensure secure fixing points


TECH:EX Feature Performance Benefit
Black polypropylene side/roof nets Clean open feel that effectively contains the golf ball without compromising the open feel of the room.
White archery heavy gauge baffle nets A durable backdrop that effectively controls the golf ball. It’s close mesh weave makes it the perfect screen for projected images.
Wire support system A 3mm steel wire custom frame is constructed to provide the framework to support the performance net system.