Archerfield Performance Centre

The Archerfield Performance Centre, located on the picturesque Archerfield Estate in East Lothian, is regarded by many as the finest golf coaching and fitting facility in Europe. MIA Sports Solutions designed and installed 4 Tech:Ex Studios in 2015 and in 2019 we were asked to add a Tech:Ex Golf Simulator to the facility. The brief was to design and install a bespoke enclosure situated in the entrance to the Performance Centre. It would act as a centre piece to the 'Experience' area, creating the ultimate indoor golf experience for members and visitors alike.


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Key features

  • Widescreen width custom made wooden enclosure, specifically produced to fit the room
  • Trackman4, TPS and Simulation software
  • Gaming PC, remote server room location
  • 42” touch screen
  • HD1080P high contrast projector
  • Yamaha home theatre system including integral ceiling speakers with multi functional conference use
  • Performance tee and putting turf, Huxley Golf