V1 Pro HD Software - The #1 Video Analysis Software in Sports

For over 16 years, V1 Pro is the most preferred video analysis of coaches, instructors and training facilities worldwide to Capture, Compare & Improve the performance of their athletes.

Today, V1 Pro HD software continues to build on its reputation of delivering reliable performance and unmatched customer service solidifying its standing as the #1 Video Analysis Software in Sports.

Designed for Coaches

With V1 Pro HD you don’t have to be a tech wizard to learn how to use the software. V1 Pro’ s simple user interface helps you to quickly navigate and access your students’’ videos, model swings, and drawing tools so there is less time spent trying to learn the software and more time spent delivering great instruction to your players.

Record Online & Mobile Lessons

V1 Pro HD features the latest technology to deliver recorded online & mobile lessons to your students’ PC’s, smart phones & tablets. Take that one step further, every recorded V1 lesson electronically delivered can be easily share by students with family and friends, exposing your instruction to more people and prospective students.

Branded Academy Integration

When you combine your V1 Pro software with a Branded Academy, your name and facility is at the forefront of every recorded lesson delivered and provides you enormous digital marketing reach on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This is just one of several competitive advantages you will enjoy with a Branded Academy.

V1 Pro App - Game-Changer. Figuratively and Literally.

Integrated. Wireless. Limitless.
The V1 Pro App neatly places your Branded Academy and teaching facility in the confines of your iOS or Android device. Set-up students, capture, view, compare, analyse, download, record and send Branded Academy lessons anywhere and anytime you want! Even receive and download V1 Golf app videos from students inside the V1 Pro app to deliver remote online lessons. Virtually everything you do in your V1 Pro software, you can now do in the V1 Pro App!

The V1 Pro App is currently only available to Branded Academy and V1 Mobile Academy subscribers.  Click here to learn more about the V1 Pro App or contact a V1 Account Representative for more information.

BodiTrak Pressure Mat Integration

The BodiTrak pressure mat is the first portable and affordable mat to record balance distribution information and Centre of Pressure (“CoP”) during the golf swing and the integration with V1 Pro HD is included in your V1 Pro Advantage yearly subscription membership.

For pricing and further information visit www.v1pro.com

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