Visual Presentation Is Key

The visual presentation of the key software information within your studio is critical to create both a high quality / impact customer experience and effectively interact with your customer. It is quite common to simultaneously run up to five separate software packages and MIA Sports Solutions have pioneered a unique multiple display configuration that combines large format 42” plasma displays, 24” displays and projection systems. The key benefit is that you have full access to each software product in a highly impactful way.


  • Location of displays to ensure both the customer and instructor have access to all data
  • The creation of theatre within the studio
  • Cabling systems that function but cannot be seen
  • Projection systems
  • Integration of mobile devices, Apple iPad
  • Interface with TECH:EX infrastructure


TECH:EX Feature Performance Benefit
43” multi client display High performance monitor scalar offers exceptional clarity up to Ultra HD 4K. Connect up to four independent clients to a single monitor with customized views, all without bezel breaks, so you can take total command of your tasks..
42” Plasma displays Stunning, deep and rich picture quality. Multiple HDMi connections for a highly flexible range of inputs. Flat profile for aesthetics.
24” LCD displays Award winning UltraSharp LED backlit monitors from Dell. Full HD, energy saving. Optimised viewing from all angles.
24” LED touch screens MultiTouch screen. Based on the latest Optical Touch Screen Technology, from Liyama. Windows 7 compatible and interfaces with all software packages within your studio.
Projectors, 3000 ANSI high brightness Uncompromised brightness and SmartEco technology. Delivers launch monitor and simulation software superbly within indoor studio solutions.
TECH:EX display column Lightweight display column, provides high impact and functional control area from which to professionally run your studio, and professionally interaction with your customer.
Cable looms Tidy and efficient cable management system.