Bled Golf Course

Bled Golf Course is the oldest and the largest Slovenian golf course. Its origins date back to 1937 and many visitors claim it to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe. With 18 holes has become one of the most renowned alpine resorts, which has already been recognized by many golfers across Europe. In partnership with IMG two new state of the art Performance Golf Studios were designed and installed in July 2016 by the team at MIA Sports Solutions. As projects go arguably you will not a find a more striking and dynamic backdrop. The customer experience certainly matches the claim – “Bled, heaven on earth”

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Key features

  • V1 Pro HD video analysis software
  • Trackman 4
  • High Performance Workstation infrastructure
  • Powerful USB3 cameras, featuring Global Shutter and sensitive 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensors
  • Multiple display configuration that combines large format 42” plasma displays, 24” displays and projection systems
  • LED continuous video light and aluminium truss systems
  • Combined indoor/ outdoor net system


For further information on these key features please see Tech:Ex Design Considerations