High Quality Video Imagery

The capture and provision of high quality video imagery files for analysis is an essential part of the teaching process. Camera technology has evolved significantly in recent years but the pursuit of higher frame rates whilst retaining image quality and the capability for affordable computer infrastructure to manage multiple camera feeds has always been a challenge. MIA Sports Solutions provide a range of imaging options and currently are providing the latest USB2 and USB3 cameras.


  • Frame rate to allow the capture of enough elements of the golf swing
  • Image quality and photographic representation
  • Shutter speed to freeze the key parts of the swing
  • Cabling and management
  • Positioning within the studio
  • Adjustability
  • Image live feed capabilities


TECH:EX Feature Performance Benefit
Powerful USB3 cameras from IDS, featuring Global Shutter and sensitive 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensors Superb HD Quality images at up to 210 frames per second both indoor and outdoor.
Versatile, compact USB2 cameras from IDS, featuring Global Shutter and 0.36 megapixel CMOS sensors High quality images at value pricepoints, ideal for putting, entry level studios or portable systems.
Active cable systems An all-in-one cable for overcoming distance restrictions as well as power source limitations; the active USB 3.0 extension cable incorporates bus-powered active circuitry to ensure performance beyond the length limits of standard cables.
Wall mounting systems Wall mounting brackets, strong reducing camera shake and screw lock system allows easy transfer from right to left hand face on locations.
Floor rail systems Hi tech floor rail allowing 1m lateral adjustability to accommodate left and right players. Ensures tidy cable management.