High Performance Tee And Putting Surfaces

Whether hitting full golf shots or refining your putting stroke the artificial surface is critical to simulating a real grass turf feel and ensuring the sophisticated software deployed in your studio captures and delivers consistent and realistic data. We deploy the highest quality performance tee and putting surfaces installed to the highest standards. We consider the deployment of turf to be an integral part of the studio, our round designs mirror our performance lighting rigs and we pay specific attention to creating perfect level surface when combined with supplementary flooring such as carpets.


  • Size of surface area
  • Integration of technologies such as SAM balance lab
  • Deployment of cable infrastructure
  • Management of floor levels to create a single floorlevel throughout the studio


TECH:EX Feature Performance Benefit
Performance tee turf, circle 2700mm A durable surface that simulates a real grass that will take a golf tee peg. Deployed in a 2700mm circular configuration assists the coaching process and reduces wear.
Nylon performance putting turf Excellent simulation of a putting green in terms of speed and consistency.
Full floor advisory surface, integration of technologies Part of the design process ensures that finished playing surfaces are level neutral and that all technologies deployed are fully integrated including cable.